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- Mua Smart Train Robobloq: http://bit.ly/2ZsJ2Qc - Nhóm săn hàng rẻ và mã giảm giá tại: http://bit.ly/3s8dhb4 Review Robobloq Color-driven Toy Train Set, Smart Train and 24 PCS Wooden Tracks, 22 functions, Coding Toy for Kids, Compatible to Thomas & Friends, BRIO, IKEA, Melisa & Doug Wooden Tracks. #Robobloq #SmartTrain #ToyTrain

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  1. Product Details: Coding Express includes three playing modes- track mode, free mode and whistle control mode; three AAA batteries powered (batteries are not included); musical; LED lights; sound sensing; inferred sensing; color sensing. Product Lists: 1x Robobloq Coding Express; 24x Wooden track, 4x set of Inductive stickers, 1x Instruction book

  2. Track Mode: the combination between Coding Express and the inductive stickers brings the play much more fun. Paste the stickers on the completed wooden tracks, the train will execute the instructions on the stickers when passing through. The inductive stickers have 19 instructions, including orientation, pop music, treasure hunt and ambulance. Compatible with majority of train set brands like Thomas & Friend, IKEA, BRIO, Melissa & Doug and Orbrium

  3. Free Mode: under this mode, the train can be played off the track. Pressing the ON button to start the train and then press button B, enter into the intelligent tracking function; press button B again, the train will switch to the intelligent avoidance function, avoiding your hands or any objects in front of it automatically

  4. STEM/STEAM Skills Learned: Coding Express can be the first present for kids to get in touch with robotics and coding knowledge, sparks their creativity and imagination through the play-based activities, cultivates their logical thinking and problem-solving skills when facing with diverse practical issues in their lifetime

  5. Safety : Robobloq’s train tracks were made of natural Beech wood, without any paint and surface coatings. The product can be ensured through all safety certifications. It is a screen-free and eye-caring smart toy for kids to play safely through using the inductive color-coded stickers[​IMG]

Đồ chơi thông minh này có gì HOT mà giá 1 triệu 8 ??? Smart Train Robobloq

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