CỰC PHÊ- Máy chơi 1 TỶ GAME Console MANTE H6 TV - Mã giảm giá - Săn hàng giá rẻ


*Mua máy chơi game Console MANTE H6 TV: https://sea.banggood.com/custlink/GGKcv9mGEm - Xem thêm deal rẻ khác: https://1review.vn/product-review-ktheme-com/#ftoc-heading-8 - Tham gia nhóm chia sẻ deal và mã giảm giá: https://1review.vn/i/group - Kênh săn hàng rẻ: https://1review.vn/i/channel - Lấy mã giảm giá tại đây: https://1review.vn/ma-giam-gia-shopee MANTE H6 TV Game Console Amlogic S905X3 Quad Core 4K HD Display Support PS1 DC GBC N64 20 Classic Simulators Retro 15000+ Games BOX for TV Projector Monitor Feature: 64bit A55 architecture chip: equipped with Amlogic 8K home audio and video chip - Amlogic S905X3 12nm.HPC+ process I-art and 2.0GHz frequency 8. Support 8K HD video decoding, strong performance 4K high-definition picture quality: a number of picture quality optimization technologies, specific enhancements in color, clarity, etc., restore the picture with more real colors HDMI high-definition output quality: connect to the HDMI interface of the TV or monitor. Equipped with intelligent high-definition chip, it can transmit losslessly Lightweight and compact body: small footprint, plug and play Wireless dual joystick controller: 2.4G wireless gamepad, sensitive and no delay Intelligent system interface: simple and easy to understand, concise and comfortable system interface Support game archive, search function, collection function, and add games. Support 4 people to play together. HDMI high-definition output, expand TF card, high-performance chip 20 classic simulators, tens of thousands of games to choose from: support for PSP, PS1, N64, MAME, ARCADE, ATARI, DREAMCAST, FC, GAMEGEAR, GB, DREAMCAST, GBC, MD, MEGADRIVE, NGPC, PCENGINE, SEGAGENESIS, DREAMCAST, FC No network required, plug and play: support a variety of devices, TVs, computer monitors, projectors, etc. Multiple placement methods: can be placed on top of the monitor without taking up space #GameConsole #MANTE #Banggood

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CỰC PHÊ- Máy chơi 1 TỶ GAME Console MANTE H6 TV

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